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From the 18th century to our modern era, South-Western France has played an important role in Hermetism. It has been the birthplace of the famous religious traditions from which came Gnosticism, Occult Freemasonry, and several Rosicrucian and Kabbalistic schools.

This is the place from which the Tradition of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross comes!

Created in 1888, it is the first Rose-Cross Order in modern times.

Several other groups were created later trying to imitate this original Light. Often copied, never equaled, the K.O.R.C. continues to provide a genuine theurgic initiation of exceptional quality.

If you have a real desire to discover the heart of the Rose-Cross Tradition and transform your life with efficient ritual practices, you can remove the mysterious veil.
You will understand very soon that the origin of a Tradition has always a better efficiency than later organizations.


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