The Aura

blog auraWe recommend you to meditate this excerpt from the French book "ABC of the Aura."

“Developing faculties or powers may not be objectionable, because it is the use that is actually important. Wanting to ban this ability [seeing the Aura], or any other, because some people would use it inappropriately, is absurd. It would be not considered divine justice. Are knives forbidden for cooks, or hammers for carpenters, on the pretext that these tools can also be used to kill? It is necessary that man takes responsibility, gradually mastering the powers he has acquired by birth or during different lives he has lived. We must further consider how we are using the faculties we developed.

But mastering our psychic abilities must associate simultaneously with an inner development. We do not ascend to the divine levels without purification, and without abandoning all that is useless to us.”

“ABC of the Aura” by Jean-Louis de Biasi, GPR+C.


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Last modified on June 16 2016


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