The Symbolism of the Cross

The two perpendicular lines of the cross represent two opposing forces balanced without harm. The horizontal line corresponds to the expansion. This would lead to the complete fragmentation if it was not limited by the opposing force. The result is the universal attraction that provides the outbreak and development of life. The centripetal power balances the centrifugal power, and vice versa.

We must not believe that the discovery of universal attraction laws has not occurred before Newton. The ancients knew it very well and we can find in Anaxagoras, Democritus, Plutarch and Aristotle, explicit words which clearly show that the scholars and philosophers did not believe that the earth was flat or that the stars in the sky were hanging lamps. Plutarch wrote: “What helps the moon to not fall on the earth, it is the movement and speed of its circular revolution, such as a projectile put in a sling-shot cannot fall as long as we continue the circular movement. And so, the Moon is not driven by its weight because gravity is balanced by the circular revolution. “

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Scholars and initiates in the antiquity knew the gravitational attraction, the shape and size of the Earth, even if this knowledge was unknown for most of the population. Otherwise, how the axis of the Great Pyramid divides it exactly into the amount of water and land “the whole earth has including America and Oceania?” How Scylax of Caryanda, who undertook a travel around the globe by the order of Darius the first; Theophane in his History of Plants and especially Hamilcar at the end of its Journey, described the Sargasso Sea in accurate terms. How Dante, long before the discovery of America, was able to speak about the Southern Cross “which appears when you lose sight of the Polar and Chariot?”

We must not forget that Dante and his contemporaries read Aristotle. We must not forget that the ancient philosophers did not consider themselves disgraced to hear the word of the initiates who lived before them and had a very extensive science.

 Mediterranean initiations referred to the deity known as Zeus in Greece and Jupiter in Rome. He is the law in heaven and on earth. He is the guardian of contracts that make civilized life. To do so, he must be able to know directly the various aspects of the terrestrial life. It was necessary to summarize in itself the two opposed trends, becoming the central point in which the contrary find their balance. This is why Orpheus said: “Zeus is the divine husband and the perfect wife,” meaning thereby that it is the perfect balance of assets and liabilities on the balance beam, the hub the wheel.

The Mediterranean world was not alone to understand the world in this way. Everywhere the influence of Jupiter was symbolized by the square, the cross and the number 4 which share the meaning of Justice. In India, this planet is named Brihaspati which contains the ideas of Judge and celestial ruler. The Jewish Qabalah uses the word Tzedek and associated this idea of justice to the angel Tzadqiel and the God's righteousness.

The symbol of the cross is a universal symbol of Justice. As we said, the cross is very present in monuments of pre-Columbian America. The most ancient buildings, such as Celtic standing stones bear crosses or spirals. Some of these crosses are associated to the symbols of the four elements corresponding to the four cardinal points. A Hand pointing below is drawn on the upper branch of the cross. It indicates the Air, stating that the breath that comes from the upper Forces is the very air that gives us life. On the Eastern side, a sword indicates the Fire. This sword is sometimes held by a right hand. In the West, a rabbit, lunar animal because of its fertility, is the primordial sea. In the South, it is usually a turtle which symbolizes the earth.

Elsewhere, the cross drawn or carved expresses balance as origin of the movement that put in motion the sky and the earth. The cross is enclosed in a circle and forms a wheel. In Chalco holy city of Peru, where you can find hundreds of small burial pyramids, a temple wearing a cross inscribed in a circle. You can find the same symbolic representation in the Arcanum of the Tarot called the world.

 The Celtic wheel, the cross put inside the circle is present in several Western countries. In the past, another symbol was related to the cross of equal branches, it was the sacred island. In the center was a Temple of light surrounded by four circular channels. This mythical island, lost paradise reminds us of the biblical heaven and its four rivers.10 roue de la fortune

This shows that the cross indicates Peace, joy, and immortality.

Another meaning of this wheel can be found in astrology.  This is used to represent the “part of fate” meaning the place of the sky giving you’re the material or spiritual luck. If we consider the alchemical symbolism, we see that the circle surrounded the cross with equal branches represents the vegetable, a form of life capable of growing and reproducing.

Thus, the Fate symbolized by the wheel is not a capricious goddess driven only by chance, but a natural force led by laws, the same laws of universal harmony which is rigorously excluded Random.

Even if the symbol of the cross was associated to the ideas of grief and danger, at the contrary it was the emblem of happiness. Between all these forms of the cross, the ankh of Egypt is one that expresses the most, the rebirth and life.

The pre-Columbian monuments also seem imbued by this idea, because the wheel of Chalco was named by the Spanish conquistadors e1 hueco de la boca, the hollow or opening of the mouth. If the wheel is the representation of the movement, something coming from the mouth must be seen as the breath or the Word. The Western initiates considered that everything comes from the Word; everything was created by the Word; all was revealed by a Divine Spirit because, as Solomon says, “God has made all things by measure, weight and number. “ This is what the cross ankh meant when placed in the hand of the Gods of Egypt, as sign of life, the life that came to us from above and will help us to return to our original world.

This notion of joy, balance, and peace, can also be found in the symbol of the Tau which was also a form of the cross. In the Tarot, this letter is a symbol of accomplishment, realization, and luck.

The reason why many people associate the cross with the idea of sorrow is because this symbol was the instrument of death of the founder of Christianity. However, it is easy to understand that the meaning Christians are giving to the cross is not this one. We will have the opportunity later to talk more about that.


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