What is Initiation?

blog what is initiationThe personality, the self of someone who is not initiated is made up of many elements unbalanced and often conflicting. This is especially the case for the consciousness which is often confused by “dark and bad influences” which are coming from the outside or from the deep unconscious.

For a large number of sad human beings, the psychological conflicts lead to various neuroses. Within materialists, only a minority ever succeed to solve the disorder of the self. Others undertake the Path of Initiation. They feel that within the confused and complex disorders of the self exists a true center, a Heart, a Mystical Rose. The eastern schools and the theosophical Society named it the Atman. This is the True Self, our Divine Spark.

To be initiated is to reach that Divine Spark, awake the Heart, find the Gold flower and find again the Lost Word.   All these metaphors, and many others besides, have the same meaning: wake up the Divine inside us and becoming fully aware of what we are.

This consciousness is very different from the intellectual knowledge.

This spiritual journey can be compared to travels, fights, or quests. Those who have gone before us on this path have left us with certain symbolic stories, such as “the Divine Comedy,” “The Quest for the Holy Grail” or the “Alchemical wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz.”

The initiatic experience can be partly found in the symbols hidden in the folklore, fairy tales and mythologies. The initiation consists to undertake this difficult road, facing several obstacles, traps, enemies, etc. But you will also receive help from the spiritual world. The different steps of the initiation, the theoretical study along with the spiritual practices will help you with this spiritual journey.

The novice feels how his ego is complex. He discovers that the reason, will and erudition are sometimes insufficient. He looks at his own shadows. Then he struggles with each element of his ego and fight his “inner monsters.” His victory does not consist to remove or destroy, but to understand and balance in harmony. So throughout these inner fights and with the assistance of other initiates who are working like him, he finally reached the Self. A true transmutation occurs in him. All its “metals” become “gold.” What was scattered is ordered and classified. The different levels of the Self unite closely, lovingly, as the King and Queen of alchemical legends. This state of consciousness opens to a deep and peaceful contemplation. “What is above is like what is below...”

We could say that an initiate is a man or a woman reconciled with him/her. That reconciliation takes place at the level of the divine spark that shines in each of us.

During this quest, the Knight may meet invisible entities who are trying to help or to oppose him. They either come from other cosmic levels or deep parts of the unconscious. These “Unknown Agents” can use a live appearance such as: Warriors, Monsters, Wise, Saints, Heroes, etc. They are also symbolized in our inner vision in the form of “mysterious figures,” sacred numbers and geometrical symbols (the Circle, Triangle, Three, Five, Seven, Twelve, etc.)

Finally, other cosmic powers are beyond any image or symbol we can imagine. We can feel them but without being able to see them.

These psychic forces are not under the control of your mind. They are in contact with the unconscious and cannot be understood according the rational limitations of our intellect.

Anyone who begins this initiatic journey cannot know in advance where it will end, when and how it will triumph, but no effort is lost.

The initiatic process can challenge false values ​​and your courage will be tested.

Without the support of the Masters of our Tradition and other sisters and brothers also initiated the drifts could be numerous. We could mislead ourselves into dead ends, driven by the search for illusory psychic powers. Lucidity and sincerity towards oneself also limit these risks.

After having persevered and overcome the tests you will become an Initiate. You will achieve the transformation leading you from the man of the river to the man desire and eventually to the Spirit-Man. Then transformations will occur inside you.

It acquires, without looking for them inner abilities such as clairvoyance, premonition, etc. These new abilities are all consequences of his new state of awareness as Rose + Croix. More importantly, it escapes the servitude of the human condition even the obligation of reincarnation. He finally drops the Sisyphean task of successive existences. He has become what he is really. It does not, however, remain in this state, detached from the world of men. In fact, he will come back in the world from his own free will, in order to help those who have remained in the dark and the illusion of the world.

On a physical level, this level of illumination gives to the initiate a strong vital energy which can be felt by anyone who meets him. Far to hide in a wild place, he enjoys the life. As an initiate wrote: “What we want happen, because we want what happen.” This approach was well developed by the Stoic philosophy. Our tradition, in its wisdom managed to find the balance between such self-realization and an approach quite epicurean. We are not here in a Gnostic school eager to escape from the world. An initiate at this step knows how to enjoy the life without being enslaved by it. This balance is the real demonstration of its inner realization.

Then, the individual will is an emanation of the cosmic will. The initiate doesn’t think to the world according the dogmas provided by any religion. He defeats the fear of death. Having approached in his initiation the doors of the afterlife and understood the true nature of existential anxiety, the world ceases to be a place of fear to become an opportunity to progress through many experiences that life offers to him.

The initiate shines around him. Between insiders all times and in all countries, there is a mystical union that some sometimes called the “Inner Church,” the “Grand White Lodge,” the “Upper Assembly,” etc. This is this spiritual communion between the true initiates that can bring to the world a real harmony.

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Last modified on June 16 2016

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  • Christopher McDaniel
    Comment Link Wednesday, 06 September 2017 20:17 posted by Christopher McDaniel

    Looking back I have been going though this process since the spring of 2011 ... When I first woke up I was so full of ego. Over and over again it felt as though I was walking between worlds, seeing and experiencing things so supernatural that I could not find any words to express it so I turned to art and music. Just recently during the eclipse on 8/21/17 I was guided to a retreat here in Indianapolis called the Fatima retreat house and I was taking a photo of station 12 of the cross and fell 80 feet breaking my left ankle. I am trying my very best to see the positive Divine light during this experience and I am learning that my last step is to go deep within while I am recovering. I know that during this time it seems as though my only true help is the Divine within ... I wish to thank you for all your guidance and assistance that you give freely to humanity. Even though so very few understand or wish to see it. I was inspired to make a video after watching one of your youtube videos ... here is a video I made inspired by the pain I have been enduring. Thank you once again for everything ... Christopher https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glk-wh-vtmE

  • Sunn
    Comment Link Friday, 17 June 2016 04:56 posted by Sunn

    Thank you.

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