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What constitutes the essence of a true Initiatic Tradition, are the personal initiations and the rituals that are performed individually and in a Chapter.


How to be Initiated?

Two situations may occur:
1- You live close to a Chapter of the Order
2- This is not the case

1- A Chapter is close to you:
- Once your application has been approved and the administrative fees paid, the General Secretary of the Order will communicate with the Chapter to plan your initiation.
- You are informed in within a month. 
- The first initiation is called the Preliminary degree S.I. The First Degree is performed one month after the Preliminary Degree S.I.

2- There is no Chapter close to you:
- Specific days are planed in Las Vegas (NV) to initiate candidates who do not live close to a Chapter. The General Secretary will communicate with you to plan this important initiatic event.
- In this case the first initiation called Preliminary degree S.I. and the initiation of the First Degree are performed during the same weekend.


After your initiation

As an initiate you will receive several rituals to practice individually. 

Your access on the private website will be upgraded to the section restricted to initiates. You will have access to various practices, rituals, and instructions you can use individually.

You will stay in contact with the other initiates through the private website.

As an initiate you can be authorized to open a Chapter with at least three other initiates. However you should know that a group of two active members can also open a local “House Rose-Cross” and perform a specific ritual.

We must enphasize the fact that creating a Chapter and working ritually in group provides a huge advantage regarding the impact of the rituals.


Why the Initiation in the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross is so essential?

Even if an intellectual learning and a work on symbols is important the essence of this tradition remains the initiations, rites and group practices.

An initiation that is received directly from Officers of the Order who are fully trained, is a Theurgic process that can transform your being and your life! You cannot do that on your own! Initiation is a powerful and respectable Theurgic process that will enable you to achieve your goals more quickly, and to take you further.

The initiation process is the first real step in your achievement in the great work. This work is not only symbolic; it is real! It will open the doors so that you can make significant progress in the initiatic steps. It is absolutely safe, because you will be protected by the powerful egregore of the Kabbalistic Tradition of the Rose-Cross.

As we previously said, once you receive this initiation, you can participate in various group practices that are associated with the degree you have achieved.


Traditional Initiations in the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross

- Preliminary Degree S.I.

- 1st Degree
- 2nd Degree
- 3rd Degree

Grand Chapter
Patriarchs R+C


Brief Presentation of these Initiatic Degrees


The preliminary degree of S. I.

The preliminary degree of S. I. constitutes the moral and spiritual basis of the Order. It is the prerequisite for everything that follows.
You have learned the fundamentals that Louis-Claude de Saint Martin acquired from his Master, Martines de Pasqually. A few years after his Master’s death, Saint Martin founded a « small school » in Paris. The purpose of this community was to set up a society whose principles would be based on the purest spirituality. He integrated the doctrines of Martines de Pasqually into his own and founded a single degree which he called the “Supérieur Inconnu” (Invisible Superior). Saint Martin chose a modality of transmission founded on moral and spiritual aspects. The special transmission would give the initiate a key which opens the interior door of the heart by which one communicates with the spheres of the Spirit. At these heights, there is no condition, no intermediate state, There is only a manifestation of the purest desire, an engagement of the heart and a wakening of the True Will. This foundation was the purest origin of the Martinist Order. Some years later, Papus and his successors choose to organize Martinism as an Order that was structured in degrees which were intended to conduct to the initiate the unique transmission given to us by Saint Martin.
The Kabbalistic Order of the Rose Cross has always regarded this grade as a moral prerequisite to the all other offices undertaken.
The specific ritual of initiation into KORC is composed of a very intense mystical aspect that is related to a Theurgic ritual
rooted in the most ancient Hermeticism.



First Degree

The first degree has its roots in the era before the XVIII° century. By its nature, it is at the same time Knightly, Kabbalistic and Hermetic, it is a continuation of the Judeo-Christian Kabbalah, basing its rites and its philosophy on the writings of the founders and the great principles of this current. The second degree is a good example of the balance between the most authentic Hermetic traditions, humanism and those moral virtues which connect them in a very intimate way. The structure of its powerful ritual of initiation, for example, has its roots in the symbolism of the Sephirotic Tree of Life, and the text of the Sépher Yetzirah. The ritual accomplishes initiation of the candidate, in the totality of his being. An appreciation of the spirit of the ritual’s requisite innermost aspect, may be clearly seen in this excerpt of the ritual text that welcomes the candidate: "My brother/sister S.I. The desire to improve yourself has led you here today. I am happy to see that our Tradition continues to attract sincere members who are eager to enhance their virtue and increase their knowledge. If you have come to this place in order to find these two things (virtue and knowledge) then you are welcome and we will continue with your initiation. If that is not the case, -if you are here looking to get honors for yourself, or to learn secrets that will enable you to have more power over others, then you must leave immediately..."

Note: You should know that the Preliminary degree SI and the First Degree are give during the same weekend if you are not close to a Chapter. If you live close to a Chapter there is one month between these two initiations.

Second Degree

The second degree has its roots in what we may call the Christian Kabbalah of the Renaissance, and what some may refer to as the revival of Hermetism. The rediscovery by the Neo-Platonistic school of Florence of the philosophical corpus and the initiations of antiquity, bring to mind a rich symbolism and ritual interpretation of the world and Initiatic path that had been hidden for some time. The exoteric markers are many.  For example, we may see the influence of this society in the outer world, in the works of many artists and authors who were influenced by their contact with this movement. These include such  brilliant contributors as Dante, Campanella, Giordano Bruno, etc. On the esoteric plane, this degree is under the spiritual affiliation of, and heir to the Pythagorean, Elusinian and even Mithraic traditions.

Third Degree

The third degree synthesizes, develops and preserves the quest of the initiate towards those Initiatic experiences which have been a part of the Western tradition since the Renaissance.  It accomplishes this by the use of specific ritual texts which “reactivate” the original form of our Tradition in an incontestably authentic way for every sincere student, thus fulfilling the quest for Initiation into the Ancient Mysteries.



Patriarchs R+C

The Patriarchs R+C are brothers and sisters who have completed the four degrees of the Order and each become the Master of a Chapter. They study and experiment with the advanced aspects of the Order and of our Tradition.



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