seal okrcFounded in 1888, the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose Cross was the first and oldest Rose-Cross Order. It is an international initiatic Order, open to any person, either male or female.

The Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross is the guardian and the trustee of this tradition, including the rituals and teachings it received from the chain of the Illustrious Grand Patriarchs of the Rose-Cross. The KORC maintains and exemplifies the intellectual, moral and philosophical standard taught in its Chapters.

The Kabbalistic Order of the Rose Cross solemnly declares its deepest respect for the absolute freedom of its members. The order is non-dogmatic. Anyone is free to apply and anyone is free to leave at any time. The Officers of the Order (as well as each of the members) solemnly dedicate their strength, influence and means toward the rehabilitation of humanity. They are dedicated to protecting human rights, the most sacred of which are intellectual, moral, and physical liberty. They also promote the value of making no distinctions among genders, social classes, creeds, political opinions and races.   

 okrc administrative organization

okrc initiatic organization


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